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TexturePacker.net lets you customize minecraft texture packs from all the multiple texture packs available. TexturePacker aims to give you the freedom to quickly and easily upload and customize your minecraft texture pack in seconds while giving texture pack authors more exposure for their work and providing useful statistics on which are the least, and most popular tiles and images in their pack.

To get started just select a name and resolution and click the tiles and images below to make up your texture pack. If you'd like to customize the texture pack you currently play with just sign up, upload it on the Add Pack page and follow the link to begin customizing. Yes, it's just that easy!

Step 1. Choose a Name & Resolution

Step 2. Choose a Starter Pack (Optional)

A. Select an existing texture pack to customize from.

B. Upload my current textre pack.
You must have an account and be logged in to work from an existing texture pack.

Step 3. Customize It!

Grass Side
Half Step Side
Half Step Top
TNT Side
TNT Bottom
Spider Web
Red Flower
Yellow Flower
Pine Sappling
Cobble Stone
Log Side
Log Top/Bottom
Iron Block
Gold Block
Diamond Block
Emerald Block
Red Mushroom
Brown Mushroom
Jungle Sapling
Gold Ore
Iron Ore
Coal Ore
Mossy Cobblestone
Grass Side
Tall Grass
Grass Top
Beacon Block
Workbench Top
Furnace Unlit Front
Furnace Side
Dispencer Front
Diamond Ore
Redstone Ore
Leaves (Fancy Graphics
Stone Brick
Dead Shrub
Live Shrub
Workbench Front and Left
Workbench Back and Right
Furnace Lit Front
Furnace Top
Cloth White
Mob Spawner
Snow Top
Snow Side
Cactus Top
Cactus Side
Cactus Bottom
Sugar Cane
Juke Box Side
Juke Box Top
Lilly Pad
Mycelium Side
Mycelium Top
Birch Sappling
Wood Door Top
Iron Door Top
Trap Door
Iron Bars
Soil Wet
Soil Dry
Crops Stage 1
Crops Stage 2
Crops Stage 3
Crops Stage 4
Crops Stage 5
Crops Stage 6
Crops Stage 7
Crops Stage 8
Wood Door Bottom
Iron Door Bottom
Redstone Torch Lit
Mossy Stone Brick
Cracked Stone Brick
Pumpkin Top
Soul Sand
Glow Stone
Sticky Piston RRM
Piston RRM
Piston Side
Piston Back
Piston Front
Melon Stem
Track Corner
Cloth Black
Cloth Dark Grey
Redstone Torch Unlit
Log Pine Side
Log Birch Side
Pumpkin Side
Pumpkin Unlit Front
Pumpkin Lit Front
Cake Top
Cake Side
Cake Inside
Cake Bottom
Red Mushroom Top
Brown Mushroom Top
Stem with Melon
Cloth Red
Cloth Pink
Repeater Off
Leaves Pine (Fancy Graphics
Leaves Pine
Bed Top Feet
Bed Top Head
Melon Side
Melon Top
Cauldron Top
Cauldron Inside
Cake Icon
Mushroom Stem
Mushroom Inside
Lapis Lazul Block
Cloth Green
Cloth Lime
Repeater On
Glass Pane Side
Bed End Feet
Bed Side Feet
Bed Side Head
Bed End Head
Wood Jungle Side
Cauldron Side
Cauldron Feet
Brewing Stand Base
Brewing Stand
End Portal Frame Top
End Portal Frame Side
Lapis Lazul Ore
Cloth Brown
Cloth Yellow
Rails Unpowered
Redstone Intersection
Redstone Straight
Enchant Table Top
Ender Dragon Egg
Cocoa Stage 1
Cocoa Stage 2
Cocoa Stage 3
Emerald Ore
Trip Wire Hook
Trip Wire
Eye of Ender
End Stone
Sandstone Top
Cloth Blue
Cloth Light Blue
Rails Powered
Red Stone Intersection Overlay
Red Stone Straight Overlay
Enchant Table Side
Enchant Table Under
Command Block
Command Block Bottom
Clay Pot
Sandstone Side
Cloth Purple
Cloth Magenta
Rails Detector
Leaves Jungle Fancy
Leaves Jungle
Wood Plank Pine
Wood Plank Jungle
Root Vegetables 1
Root Vegetables 2
Root Vegetables 3
Root Vegetables 4
Root Vegetables 5
Sandstone Bottom
Cloth Cyan
Cloth Orange
Redstone Lamp Off
Redstone Lamp On
Circle Stone Brick
Wood Plank Birch
Anvil Top
Anvil Side Damaged
Nether Brick
Cloth Light Grey
Nether Wart 1
Nether Wart 2
Nether Wart 3
Sandstone Deco
Sandstone Smooth
Anvil Side
Anvil Side Highly Damaged
Block Break Stage 1
Block Break Stage 2
Block Break Stage 3
Block Break Stage 4
Block Break Stage 5
Block Break Stage 6
Block Break Stage 7
Block Break Stage 8
Block Break Stage 9
Block Break Stage 10


Default-1x1_A Default-1x1_B Default-1x1_C Default-1x1_D Default-1x1_E Default-1x1_F Default-1x1_G
Default-1x2_A Default-1x2_B Default-1x2_C Default-1x2_D Default-1x2_E
Default-2x1_A Default-2x1_B
Default-2x2_A Default-2x2_B Default-2x2_C Default-2x2_D Default-2x2_E
Default-4x4_A Default-4x4_B Default-4x4_C
Default-4x3_A Default-4x3_B

Mobs Redstone Toggle
Default-Char Default-Blaze Default-Cat Black Default-Cat Red Default-Cat Siamese Default-Cave Spider Default-Chicken Default-Cow Default-Creeper Default-Enderman Default-Enderman Eyes Default-Ghast Default-Ghast Fire Default-Magma Cube Default-Ocelot Default-Pig Default-Pigman Default-Pig Zombie Default-Red Cow Default-Saddle Default-Sheep Default-Sheep Fur Default-Silverfish Default-Skeleton Default-Slime Default-Snowman Default-Spider Default-Spider Eyes Default-Squid Default-Villager Default-Iron Golem Default-Wolf Default-Wolf Angry Default-Wolf Tame Default-Zombie Default-Villager Farmer Default-Villager Librarian Default-Villager Butcher Default-Villager Priest Default-Villager Villager Default-Villager Smith Default-EnderDragon Beam Default-EnderDragon Body Default-EnderDragon Crystal Default-EnderDragon Dragon Default-EnderDragon Ender Default-EnderDragon Eyes Default-EnderDragon Shuffle

Armor Redstone Toggle
Default-Cloth 1 Default-Cloth 2 Default-Iron 1 Default-Iron 2 Default-Gold 1 Default-Gold 2 Default-Diamond 1 Default-Diamond 2 Default-Chain 1 Default-Chain 2 Default-Power Default-Witherarmor

Time, Weather & Environment Redstone Toggle
Default-Sun Default-Moon Default-Moon Phases Default-Clouds Default-Rain Default-Snow Default-Map Background Default-Map Icons Default-Dial Default-Foliage Color Default-Grass Color Default-Water Color Default-Vignette Default-Shadow Default-Water Default-Ender Portal Tunnel Default-Explosions

GUI Screens Redstone Toggle
Default-Achievements GUI Default-Alchemy GUI Default-Creative Inventory Tabs GUI Default-Enchantment Book GUI Default-Chest GUI Default-Craft GUI Default-Enchanting GUI Default-Furnace GUI Default-Inventory GUI Default-Dispenser GUI Default-Trading GUI Default-Title Items Default-Slots Default-Icons Default-Interface Background

Everything Else Redstone Toggle
Default-Arrows Default-Boat Model Default-Enchant Book Model Default-Cart Model Default-Chest Model Default-Large Chest Model Default-Ender Chest Model Default-Sign Model Default-XP Orb Default-Unknown Texture Pack Default-Pumpkin Mask Default-Default Font Default-Enchantment Font Default-Particles

Step 4. Done!

There is no Step 4, you're done! Click to download your texture pack.